International Relations

The school has taken part in several Erasmus+ projects and mobilities as well as Nordplus programmes. The school has qualified staff with several years of experience in EU projects. Our International Coordinator is Mrs Ágústa Unnur Gunnarsdóttir agu@is. We have experience in using Learning Agreements for students and the Europass. Also in our team we have the Chief Accountant Ingibjörg Dís Geirsdóttir and accountant Bylgja Birgisdóttir. They have the expertise with financial and administrative documents for European projects and have been working with our international projects finances for several years now.

Erasmus+ grants

Students who are interested and want to take part of their vocational training in other countries in Europe can do so through Erasmus grants. The school applies for a grant, Erasmus +, for its students and staff

VET Mobility Charter

The Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter is awarded by the Icelandic Erasmus+ National Agency to Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti for the period from 1. october to 30. september 2020. It recognizes the operational capacity of this entity to manage high quality mobility projects and awards and assist its efforts to achieve greater internationalisation in VET through the Erasmus+ Programme. The VET Mobility Charter also recognizes the high quality of previous mobility projects, the long term commitment to continuors improvement of mobility and the strategic approach of the organization to incorportate international mobility in its activities.

FB’s International Strategy 2018-2020

The vision, role, values and policy of Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti

FB’s vision is to promote individuals to create the future. The school provides graduating diplomas at the upper secondary level. The values of the school are respect, diversity and creativity.

The objectives of the school are:

  • Every student shall be successful in his or her studies

  • Promoting entrepreneurial spirit, co-operation and responsible living of students and staff

  • Work with integrity, professionalism, transparency and frugality as main factors

  • Establish a close relationship with the local community and build a successful international cooperation with European countries

The goal of international cooperation

We view international cooperation as a way of offering top quality vocational studies, strengthening
the image of the school and promoting increased participation in arts and crafts. Mutual visits contribute to increase quality of study and increase job satisfaction among students and staff.

  • In all presentations related to the school, we emphasize the international community and the
    possibilities it gives students and professionals

  • Student exchanges are the mainstay of international work. We want to offer art and vocational students a chance to study part of their studies abroad. As a team, we provide students with good preparation in foreign languages

  • We emphasize that the faculty has the opportunity to visit sister schools, companies and institutions abroad, thus acquainting themselves with the top educational issues, as well as the methods in education, teaching and dissemination at the local level

  • We want to strengthen our partnership with schools, companies and institutions in Europe as the school has good reputation amongst them

  • The school and the immediate surroundings will place emphasis on publicizing foreign exchanges and thus communicating to local people and stakeholders how the experience has opened the eyes of participants for new opportunities

  • Usually we send 20 students per year for education and training

Management and quality control

An international coordinator works in the financial sector of the school and in close contact with the school faculties and teachers and attends a weekly management meeting. Furthermore, the department heads and selected students take an active part in organizing international events within the school.