Welcome to our schools webpage

FB was established in 1975 and was the first community college of its kind in Iceland. The college is divided into two schools; a normal day school for pupils who are between 16 and 19 years of age and an evening school for adults. The number of students in the day school is about 1000 and about 400 in the evening school. The college is one of the largest secondary schools in Iceland with a staff of 110 teachers. The pupils who enter the college at the age of 16 have completed 10 years of primary education. Final graduation from this college as well as other such colleges or secondary grammar schools in Iceland has proved sufficient for universities and other institutes of higher learning both in Europe and USA. In addition to preparing pupils for various academic studies at university level, FB offers qualifications in specialised branches of vocational learning, Licensed practical nursing, beautician, carpenter, and electrician the last four being recognized and confirmed by the State.

Since 1997 FB co-operates with several countries and has taken part in many EU activities and projects within Erasmus+, Leonardo, Comenius and Nordplus. FB has also taken part in several VETPRO projects with student and staff exchanges and mobilities. For several years now we have been welcoming groups of students and teachers from all over Europe. For students who participate in mobilities, FB also offers cultural programmes and brings them together with Icelandic tutoring students. We also provide tutoring and follow up certification and the organisation of cultural and professional activities. We provide assistance of finding accommodation and help with organisation of local transports. In the last two Euroskills‘ national competitions our students have done very well in all four trades, receiving Gold, Silver and Bronze. During the new project period, we want to enhance the quality of our projects. For the last 2 years FB has taken part in the project „International Nordic Entrepreneurship“ with partners from Denmark, Finland and Norway. As a consequence, FB has started a department for entrepreneurs and innovation. In October 2015 FB hosted a 24-hour national innovation camp with students from 5 colleges. Next term a new innovation line will start at the college.

The staff involved in our projects are all skilled teachers and administrators with full qualifications and several years of experience in EU projects. Our International Coordinator is Mrs Ágústa Unnur Gunnarsdóttir. We have experience in using Learning Agreements, the Europass CV and Memorandum of Understanding. Also in our team we have the finance manager Ingibjörg Dís Geirsdóttir and chief accountant Bylgja Birgisdóttir. They have the expertise with financial and administrative documents for European projects and have been working with our international projects‘ finances for several years now. Within the college a few teachers and students have been trained to take part in the various projects.
In October 2016 FB was awarded the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter by The Icelandic Erasmus+ National Agency. It recognises the operational capacity of the school to manage high quality mobility projects.